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Red Sea Aggressor Liveaboard Trip Winner


Red Sea Aggressor Trip Winner Announced!

Over the course of the last several weeks, Bluewater Travel clients offered their valuable insight by writing reviews for destinations, resorts, liveaboards, and dive operators on our website. Every review served as an entry into our raffle for a big prize--a free liveaboard dive excursion on the new Red Sea Aggressor! 



Have you ever wished you could give something back to the underwater world that has provided you with beautiful and fun experiences since the moment you learned to dive? Are you ready to dive for a worthy cause?

Buddy Dive is offering a new PADI Coral Restoration Specialty Course, which will give you that opportunity! There are several different levels requiring different time and dive commitments, including:

Kungkungan Bay Resort has made some big upgrades to their resort, which include a new and improved reception area, referbishing 9 rooms (including adding some wood floors) and more.

Also new is a weekly "One Hour Culture Show", which showcases local traditions for visiting divers. KBR staff members perform Tari Piring Dance from the island of Minangkabau and The Tumatenden dance, a fairy tale about an ancient couple in North Sulawesi. Kolintang music and a guitar trio provide music for the show.

Great diving in new parts of the world

New Aggressor & Dancer Fleet Destinations

The Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet have announced two new liveaboard routes:  Pulau Weh, Indonesia and Myanmar.  Both will kick off in 2014.

Both locations will be much sought-after by divers and the Aggressor / Dancer Fleet is sweetening the pot with a $500 discount on Pulau Weh trips between June 14 and August 15, 2014.

Contact us for pricing, itineraries and other details:  info@bluewaterdivetravel.com.


Whale Sharks surfacing in La Paz

Whale Sharks in the Bay of La Paz

Several whale sharks have been feeding in the Bay of La Paz in the Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico over the last couple of weeks. The whale sharks migrated down the Sea of Cortez from the Bay of Los Angeles. The whales sharks are feeding on krill in the bay, and have been joined by Manta rays. They range in size from 15 - 25ft, and are expected to stay from now, which is late October, until early spring.

Crystal Blue's Camera Room


A Look at Crystal Blue's Camera Room


Crystal Blue is a great resort for underwater photographers visiting Anilao, and it shows in their camera facilities. Upon returning to the resort from the dive boats, photographers have access to dedicated camera rinse tanks and padded shelves for temporary storage and lightly drying the gear. From there, divers take their cameras into the air conditioned camera room, which features:



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