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Meet the Aggressor Fleet

Meet the Aggressor Fleet

Founded in 1984, Aggressor Liveaboards is firmly established as a leading global dive and adventure operator in today’s competitive travel industry. With a fleet of 23 liveaboard yachts accessing the best liveaboard diving in over 19 countries, their luxury brand and service-focused approach make them popular with discerning divers the world over.

The Aggressor Fleet is synonymous with excellent service and a customer-based approach, where every detail of each trip is seamlessly taken care of. Preparing for diving is simple and fuss-free, and knowledgeable dive guides inject an element of fun whilst maintaining the highest of safety standards.

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Aggressor’s comprehensive itineraries cover a range of exciting destinations and a variety of unique routes ensuring access to some of the best diving in the world. Within close reach of the US and Europe, their Caribbean yachts offer easy journeys to some of the most relaxed and fun-filled destinations in the region. And down Central America’s western seaboard, Aggressor is the only fleet that covers all three of the East Pacific’s big-animal destinations.

For divers seeking a more exotic adventure, Aggressor has some exciting options for diving the Middle East and Indian Ocean, with itineraries in Sudan and Djibouti, as well as two Red Sea liveaboards. And the Southeast Asia fleet showcases the best of the Philippines alongside many other routes on offer in the ‘coral triangle’.



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Bahamas Aggressor.

Bahamas Aggressor

The intimate Bahamas Aggressor is a 98ft, 14 passenger luxury yacht, perfectly suited for diving the Exumas and Cays of the Bahamas. Accommodations include five deluxe cabins and one quad cabin, all with climate control, air-conditioning, and private bathrooms. The Bahamas Aggressor offers three itineraries including exceptional shark diving around Grand Bahama’s West End, and trips south to the reefs of Bimini and the exotic Out Islands. 



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Belize Aggressor III & Belize Aggressor IV.

Belize Aggressor IIIBelize Aggressor IV

The Belize Aggressor III and Belize Aggressor IV luxury liveaboards offer the opportunity to visit remote areas and some of the best diving in Belize. Divers keen to explore the country’s magnificent walls and abundant marine life can enjoy a week of hassle-free diving to Lighthouse Reef, Half Moon Cay, and the famous Blue Hole. Both boats offer a variety of 7- and 10-night itineraries in high-end double cabins, boasting private bathroom facilities.



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Cayman Aggressor V

The Cayman Aggressor IV ensures the utmost in passenger comfort whilst facilitating 7-night charters to all three of the Cayman Islands, and encompassing some of the best marine life in the Caribbean. Divers can explore famous Grand Cayman sites such as the USS Kittiwake wreck and Stingray City, as well as the spectacular walls of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The yacht's comfortable staterooms all enjoy climate control, TVs and private bathrooms.

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Jardines Aggressor I  Jardines Aggressor II

Focussing mainly on the Oceans for Youth Foundation, the Jardines Aggressor I and Jardines Aggressor II offer Cuba Travel Programs for divers and snorkelers age 10 and up. Based around the pristine reefs of Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina, both yachts offer 7-night packages in some of the world’s best preserved coral gardens. Two Master Staterooms and eight Deluxe Staterooms boast private bathrooms and air conditioning with individual climate control.


Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Roatan Aggressor.

Roatan Aggressor

Guests aboard the Roatan Aggressor will experience the best of the easy but exciting diving the Bay Islands of Honduras have to offer. This luxury yacht offers four different 7- and 10-night charters encompassing many beautiful sites such as Roatan’s plunging West End walls, the El Aguila wreck, the reef gardens of Cayos Cochinos, and the shallow peaked Seamounts off the southeast end of Utila. Accommodations are comfortable and private, with separate bathrooms, individual climate control, and a media player.



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II.

Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

The Turks & Caicos Aggressor II offers two very different trips. The first is a 7-night journey diving the Turks and Caicos western reefs of Providenciales, West Caicos, and French Cay. The region’s turquoise waters, vibrant walls, and thriving underwater ecosystem are a scuba diver’s paradise. And between January and April, she offers trips to the Dominican Republic’s Silver Banks Marine Sanctuary to swim with humpback whales. The yacht’s nine staterooms offer luxury accommodations with individual climate control and media players.

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Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Galapagos Aggressor III.

Galapagos Aggressor III

The Galapagos Aggressor III combines luxury and adventure, delivering high-quality cruises with a 23-dive itinerary across the best dive sites in the archipelago. It is one of the few boats to visit the iconic hammerhead shark sites at Darwin and Wolf Islands, and each 7-night charter includes two land excursions to witness the Galapagos Island’s unique topside wildlife. Comfortable accommodations include deluxe staterooms and master staterooms, complete with private bathrooms, TV/Blu-Ray DVD player, stereo, temperature controls, and a safe storage box. 



 Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Cocos Island Aggressor & Okeanos Aggressor II.

Cocos Island Aggressor Okeanos Aggressor II

Remote Cocos Island, along with Cano Island and Guanacaste & Bat Islands, are serviced by the Cocos Island Aggressor & Okeanos Aggressor II, with 10-night trips covering some spectacular shark and pelagic diving. Both yachts are built and powered for comfort, safety, and stability, the perfect platform from which to explore the depths of the Cocos Island waters. Rocky pinnacles surrounding the island are beacons for big animals and big action, including schooling hammerheads, countless whitetip sharks, mantas, tuna, and even whale sharks.

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Other Costa Rican dive destinations.




Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Indo Aggressor.

Indo Aggressor 

The Indo Aggressor gives divers intimate access to the unique and visually stunning island of Komodo, with four unique trips around Komodo National Park, the Forgotten Islands, and a one-way charter from Bali. Divers can expect exceptional biodiversity flourishing in the island’s southern currents, and access to some of Indonesia’s best manta ray diving. The yacht’s option for sail power results in a calm and peaceful journey, whilst maintaining an emphasis on sustainability.



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Philippines Aggressor.

Philippines Aggressor

The luxury 135ft Philippines Aggressor yacht offers guests 7 & 10-night itineraries through the Tubbataha Reefs and the Visayas, including Cebu & Bohol and Malapascua Island. While there are thousands of superb dive sites throughout the region’s 7,000-plus islands, the Philippines Aggressor delivers guests to the best-of-the-best, including world-class macro sites, and some fantastic shark and reef diving. The ship has a beautiful spacious salon, sundeck with shading, chaise lounges and deck chairs, a bar, grill, and complete photo/video center.

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Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Raja Ampat Aggressor.

Raja Ampat Aggressor

Offering thrilling 7, 10, &12-night itineraries covering the Raja Ampat Archipelago, Lembeh Strait, and the Derawan Islands, the Raja Ampat Aggressor facilitates access to some of the best diving in Indonesia. Each unique route departs from a different island, and guests can expect to dive on spectacular coral reefs boasting excellent macro life, ripe for great photo opportunities. The 100ft yacht is built and powered for comfort, safety, and stability, with master, deluxe, and twin Staterooms all boasting private bathrooms, individual climate control, and a monitor with media player. 

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Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Thailand Aggressor.

Thailand Aggressor

The exotic Similan Islands in the northern Andaman Sea are visited weekly by the Thailand Aggressor, which offers 7-night itineraries as far north as Richelieu Rock. Showcasing some of the best diving in Thailand, the Similan Islands’ comfortably warm waters and mild currents make for dream-like conditions, where large pelagics are often spotted feeding above the bountiful reefs. The yacht boasts eight spacious staterooms featuring air-conditioning, private bathrooms, and a flat-screen TV. 



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Kona Aggressor II.

Kona Aggressor

The Hawaiian island of Kona is serviced by the Kona Aggressor II, accommodating divers’ every need with a 7-night itinerary of hassle-free diving. The liveaboard provides access to some of the Pacific’s best tropical diving, with fascinating underwater topography characterizing the island’s west coast sites. Double and quad Staterooms with private bathrooms offer a relaxed and funky vibe.



 Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Palau Aggressor II & Rock Islands Aggressor.

Palau Aggressor   Rock Islands Aggressor

The Palau Aggressor II and Rock Islands Aggressor sister ships have provided first-class access to Palau’s fantastic diving for over 23 years. Their quality staff and equipment facilitate superior dive trips as guests relax and enjoy the underwater sights. Epic diving along this breathtaking archipelago boasts a variety of diverse sites including WWII wrecks, stunning wildlife, and Palau's famed Jellyfish Lake. Comfortable Stateroom accommodations offer extra storage and individual climate control.




Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Arabian Aggressor.

Arabian Aggressor

The Arabian Aggressor offers itineraries in Sudan and Djibouti that are perfect for the passionate and adventurous diver. This beautiful 111ft yacht offers 7, 10, &1 1-night trips to Sudan from February to June, while the Djibouti trips are scheduled from November to February. Africa's southern Red Sea is teeming with pelagics like hammerheads, mantas, and whale sharks, and remains relatively unexplored as a dive destination.



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Maldives Aggressor II.

Maldives Aggressor

The Maldives Aggressor II offers charters to three different areas of one of the world’s most popular liveaboard destinations. The 'Best of the Maldives' offers 7 & 10-nights trips with four itineraries featuring spectacular channel drift dives, wrecks, pinnacles, and world-famous night dives. The ‘Southern Hemisphere’ 7 & 10-night trips encompass three further itineraries, and the ‘Deep South’ route offers 7-night trips in February and March. The yacht has 11 staterooms, all with private bathrooms, climate control, and a media center.



Check out live availability and the latest deals for the Red Sea Aggressor II & Red Sea Aggressor III.

Red Sea Aggressor II  

Red Sea Aggressor III

The Red Sea Aggressor II is a spacious 138ft yacht offering guests a 7-night itinerary diving the best of the northern Red Sea. Divers can expect fascinating wrecks, huge sloping reefs, and unique marine life. To the south, the new Red Sea Aggressor III is a 130ft yacht with a spacious dive deck, built and powered for comfort, safety, and stability. She provides a great platform from which to explore the vibrant depths and deep walls of the more remote southern Red Sea sites.

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Aggressor Liveaboards offer a comprehensive and wide-ranging choice of adventures, covering some of the ocean’s most selective dive areas. High-end accommodations, chef-prepared meals, and the greatest attention to safety set the Aggressor Fleet apart from other industry leaders.


Here’s what our customers think:

Kona Aggressor II

This was my second trip aboard the Kona Aggressor II and it meets the high standards that the Aggressor fleet has become known for - Tomeyer

Experiencing the diving on the KA II is definitely the most comfortable and rewarding way to see the best and the most of the Kona coast. I have always been impressed with the experienced crews and the value they bring to the liveaboard experience. Although we have dove on many liveaboards around the world, the quality of the Kona Aggressor II experience keeps calling us back - Johnrbaker33


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

I have traveled on a lot of liveaboard dive yachts in the last 15 years… and honestly, it was our favorite boat of them all - basilkiwan


Belize Aggressor IV

This was our first liveaboard and all others will be judged against this one. It was perfect - SSgtPitt


Palau Aggressor II

A liveaboard really is the best way to see Palau. And, boy, these guys are professional! They work SO HARD, every day so that people have clean marine heads, excellent diving, great food, and amazing service - samatye


Maldives Aggressor II

This was an excellent trip… The boat was amazing and we even sailed under sail power a few times. Beautiful accommodations and the food was a mix of western and Asian - sooradar 

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