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Indonesia ARTICLES

Best Diving in Asia

best diving in asia

Stretching from Turkey in the west to the far eastern tip of arctic Russia, and south as far as the tropical Indonesian island of Java, Asia is the largest continent on earth. Covering one-third of the globe’s landmass and bordered by the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, Asia offers an extraordinary variety of environments and access to some of the world’s best scuba diving spots in places such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Top 20 Dive Sites in the World

Coral adorns a column at one of the best dive sites in the world

Top 20 Dive Sites in the World


Every diver has their favorite site; a hidden gem on their doorstep they’ve explored a hundred times, or perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime vacation dive that conjures awesome memories. From historic shipwrecks to breathtaking marine life hotspots, spectacular coral reefs to lesser-known but equally special locations, we’ve pulled together our Bluewater best dive sites in the world. Each of these sites has been carefully selected by one of our well-traveled Trip Leaders, and they all guarantee some fantastic diving.

Lembeh October 2018 Trip Report

A hairy squat lobster on a barrel sponge in Lembeh
It had been a few years since Bluewater Photo ran a workshop in Lembeh, the ever popular macro destination located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Trip co-leaders, Matt Sullivan and Erik Lukas had been brainstorming workshop ideas with a focus on macro photography, and after some internal discussion with the Bluewater Travel team, it was decided that a return to Lembeh would happen....



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