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Who has the best photo?


THE CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED. Thank you to all the Participants!

The winning photo:

sea lion

Bryan Chu's adorable capture of a sea lion - See the full photo

The photograph will be featured in our Bluewater Travel 2021 desk calendar and has earned an honorary spot on the cover of our social media pages!

Tim Yeo - Wall of Hammerheads
32% (137 votes)
Nirupam Nigam - Anemone & Anemone Fish
3% (15 votes)
Bryan Chu - Sea Lion
39% (166 votes)
Mark Hatter - Anemone Fish at Dusk
2% (10 votes)
Mark Strickland - Reefscape
2% (10 votes)
Craig Dietrich - Bottlenose Dolphins
1% (6 votes)
Katie Yonker - Saltwater Crocodile
11% (49 votes)
Tommy Stylski - Kelp Forest
3% (11 votes)
Scott Gietler - Mandarin Fish
3% (15 votes)
Erik Lukas - Coconut Octopus
3% (11 votes)
Total votes: 430

Meet Pro Dive International

Pro Dive International

There’s a good chance that regular visitors to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula will have dived with Pro Dive International at some time or another. As one of the leading dive operators in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, Pro Dive International is located in over a dozen 4 and 5* resorts around the Caribbean, offering tailor-made world-class dive and snorkel experiences alongside stay and dive packages at coveted resorts. 

great white shark guadalupe

Bluewater Travel has long been an advocate of underwater conservation, and we understand only too well the value of a rich and diverse marine ecosystem. Many of our most memorable dive trips have been as a result of awesome encounters with iconic marine creatures, experiencing a brief but intimate snapshot of their world that will stay with our guests for a lifetime.

liveaboard diving

Imagine waking to the gentle rhythmic tap of waves against the hull of a boat, wandering barefoot, coffee in hand, to the upper deck, and feasting your eyes on a glorious sunrise over a horizon that you’ve never laid eyes on. A warm, tropical sea breeze helps to bring you fully round as you head back to the dive deck where your kit is assembled and ready to dive. After an hour of spectacular exploration where you feel like the first person to discover the reef, you’re dissecting the dive over a freshly cooked breakfast.

Meet the Volivoli Beach Resort

Nestled on the northern tip of Fiji’s main island, Volivoli Beach Resort is the ultimate diving paradise. This secluded boutique resort occupies a remote headland overlooking the sparkling South Pacific to a backdrop of lush tropical mountains. A favorite of customers and staff alike, it’s no surprise that Volivoli Beach Resort is one of Bluewater Dive Travel’s Preferred Partners and features in our ‘Best Dive Resorts in the World’.



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